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The General Meeting is the governing body of the Association and the forum for debate and expression of various activities undertaken by the Asociación Cultural Antonio Salieri(ACAS). It consists of the Government Commitee, the aides, and the representatives of each activity are chosen in various ways (according to the agreements, regulations or statutes, if any, each group has acknowledged).

President:  Ernesto R.-Monsalve Álvarez
1st Vicepresident and Treasurer:  Rut González López
2nd Vicepresident for Legal Affairs: Alejandro Luis de Pablo Serrano
Secretary:  Paula Martín Recio
Public Relationships and Press Officer: Raquel Quevedo Redondo
Web master:  Iván Domínguez Martín
Young Symphony Orchestra of Valladolid: Silvia Alonso Guijarro
Contrapunto Quintet: Alejandro de Pablo Serrano
Valladolid Ensemble Orchestra:  Álvaro Cordero Taborda