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The Asociación Cultural Antonio Salieri was founded in 2004 with the initial aim of providing legal backing for the Young Symphony Orchestra of Valladolid ('JOSVa' in spanish) that, even today, we are hosting in our midst. At that time, both Valladolid and Castile-and-Leon, lacked an young orchestra consolidated and ambitious. Over time we have to focus on other objectives (Valladolid Ensmble Orchestra, the Contrapunto Chamber Orchestra, the Choir of Valladolid, etc ...) while we have carried out projects and initiatives that are now almost a tradition. Our Family Christmas Concert or our Solemn Spring Concert in benefit of Caritas are examples of this idea.

It was not easy but we always believed our way, as happened with the grasshopper and the ant, that the time would give us the favor of the workers, and today we can proudly say that this cultural association is much more than we imagined. Fall on our hands a lot of initiatives and it is our responsibility to develop efficient and effective, and we are aware.

For this and for all the work, we are developing and we want to develop, we offer this digital window: to raise public awareness of our activities and to spread the message of the Italian master Antonio Salieri, from who we took the name. Welcome to our website. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. I hope that you find in us a support and reference in your life for you cultural and artistic interests.

Do not forget, "music first, then the words."

Ernesto R.-Monsalve Álvarez
[President of the Asociación Cultural Antonio Salieri]

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